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El Porvenir


The year 2003 marks the beginning of the modern history of El Porvenir.  In 2003, the communities of Tierra Santa, Totolya, and Porvenir were all displaced by landslides. The Mission sent out a commission to unite these three communities and help solve them find a new place to live.

The Mission negotiated with the owners of the finca (plantation) known as Providencia. In July of 2004 the Mission bought the finca Providencia. This finca land now supports four different communities: Tierra Santa, Totolya, Porvenir, and Nueva Providencia. The Mission also approached the government of President Oscar Berger to help the displaced communities.


A national emergency was declared and the government promised to provide infrastructure for each community: building houses, schools, meeting rooms, religious centers, and a community center.


  • Construction: Since 2015, the Mission has built 29 fuel-efficient stoves in Porvenir.

  • Healthcare: In 2019, Porvenir was served by 3 visiting medical groups who conducted a total of 102 consults. There were 70 children enrolled in the child nutrition program with 9 families receiving the supplement.

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