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San Martin

The history of San Martin is tied to the history of Panimaquip.  Go here for the history.



  • Coffee: In 2019, 15 growers from San Martin sold their coffee to the Mission.

  • Construction: Since 2015, the Mission has built 1 block house and 32 fuel-efficient stoves in San Martin.

  • Healthcare: In 2019, San Martin was served by 4 visiting medical groups who conducted a total of 140 consults. There were 61 children enrolled in the child nutrition program with 17 families receiving the supplement.

Community Leadership: 

Each community in the municipality of San Lucas Toliman has elected leadership specific to that community.  These groups of elected leaders are usually referred to as a COCODE.  People from the community are elected and usually serve 1-2 years.  The COCODE usually has about a dozen members.

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